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Principal's Welcome

Hear our Principal's address!

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Lifelong Learning Programmes 

Passion Pursuits! Hear from our Subject Head of Aesthetics on how we develop talent and nurture the joy of learning through different art forms.

Physical Education

Band of Brothers, Friends Forever! Our Senior Teacher for Physical Education shares about our exciting array of outdoor and indoor experiences, which helps to build lifelong bonds.

Character and Citizenship Education

Nourish to Flourish!  Our Head of Department for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) gives insight on how Patricians are nurtured to learn, lead and live well!

Applied Learning Programmes

Trailblazers for the Future! Learn more about the exciting ways in which Patricians are exposed to emerging technologies in this video featuring the Subject Head of Computing. 

Teaching & Learning

We Know How to Teach the Way Boys Learn. Our Senior Teachers share how we incorporate Boy-Centric Education principles into our teaching in order to help Patricians optimise their learning while having fun!

A Christian Brother School 

Nurturing Boys of Faith. Hear from Mr Darrenkane Ang and our student leaders on how Catholic Christian boys grow in the presence and grace of God, to serve their community and to become leaders with heart. 

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St Patrick's School:
Official Corporate Video

Learn about the 88-year long history and evolution of St Patrick's School into the dynamic institution it is today.

A Day in the Life of a Patrician 

Exploring our Passions 

Journey through the day with three of our students to experience a day in the life of a Patrician.  

At St Patrick's School, we offer an exciting and rich spectrum of CCAs to allow every student to find their passion.

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Click on the QR code to register for our e-open house! Please register by 25th November 2021!

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Principal's Talk

Session 1: 9.00 am - 10.00am

Session 2: 11.00 am - 12.00pm


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